Create a ModX Revolution Form with built in jQuery validation in Moments

FormItBuilder deprecated

It is strongly recommended now using JsonFormBuilder instead of FormItBuilder. FormItBuilder is no longer being supported and is deprecated. It is fast to update your currecnt FormItBuilder forms to use JsonFormBuilder in most cases. Visit the upgrading from FormItBuilder tutorial for instructions.

Download FormItBuilder, the ModX Form Builder

Current Version: 1.3.3 pl
Last Updated: 7th Aug, 2012
Author: Marcus House
Download: FormItBuilder

An e-form can be built dynamically and validated with the jQuery Validation plugin.

FormItBuilder is a small ModX Revolution framework to assist in quick development of FormIt forms and emails. Using a snippet (with some basic PHP commands) a complex form can be built much faster, and can automatically use the jQuery Validation plugin methods.

Need your web form in a database? Easy and fast with FormItBuilder.

As of version 0.1.8 you have the ability to map form fields to write to an xPDO table. Add with this the ability to quickly view the data in ModX Revolution using an extra like Rowboat.

Use PHP to drive it all via a single snippet, generating, validating, recording and sending the email.

FormItBuilders main purpose is to act as a wrapper to simplify much of the FormIt syntax and automatically build forms and email chunks dynamically without the need to duplicate HTML code and FormIt tags. If the output is not 100% appropriate for the job, FormItBuilder can output the raw form HTML to be used and modified as needed (like any FormIt form). Likewise email output can also be output in this same manner.

Read the documentation

To use FormItBuilder, follow the instructions and check out the example snippet. There will be much more functionality and help information to come.

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7th Aug 2012

Released version 1.3.3pl with the following updates (3000 downloads and counting).

26th May 2012

Released version 1.3.2pl with the following updates.

30th Apr 2012

FormItBuilder has just broken 2000 downloads. 1000 downloads in just over two months.

14th Apr 2012

A quick release that repairs a few fairly critical bugs with the HTML output of the checkbox group.

29th Mar 2012

A new update to FormItBuilder has just been released. A small update to add the hidden field element.

* Thanks for the suggestion Bimo

10th Mar 2012

A new update to FormItBuilder has just been released. This version is the first PL release and contains the following new updates

* Thanks for the suggestions and assistance Michelle

25th Feb 2012

FormItBuilder has just broken 1000 downloads. There must be a number of people out there using it now. As always, feedback is appreciated. Just drop me a line in our contact us form.

7th Feb 2012

Quick update released today.

24th Jan 2012

New version released today.

A range of new updates has been added which allows more stylability due to extra class names on elements.

23rd Nov 2011

New version released. After adding the new version there was quite a delay in the extra approval (about a week). You may have noticed the download option for FormItBuilder was not available until the 29th.

A range of new updates has been added

* Thanks for the assistance Adam & Alex!

19th Oct 2011

A keen FormItBuilder user has assisted in reporting and debugging a few issues in relation to incorrect character escaping which was causing problems with multibyte characters and other special characters. Other small changes have been implemented also in response to user requests to output raw formIt syntax and email chunk output. A quick patch update to version 0.1.7-beta has just been released.

Keep those reports coming!

5th Oct 2011

The first beta version of FormItBuilder 0.1.5-beta released.