Create a MODX Revolution Form with JSON

Download JsonFormBuilder, the MODX Form Builder

Version: 1.0.28-pl
Last Updated: 16th May 2016
Author: MarcusHouse
Download: JsonFormBuilder

JsonFormBuilder is a small framework to assist in quick development of forms and emails. Using simple JSON syntax OR by using a snippet (with some basic PHP commands), complex form can be built much faster. Optionally is it also recommended to mix with the jQuery Validation plugin which adds in-line javascript validation methods automatically when enabled.

Use either JSON, PHP, or a combination of the two to drive it all via a single snippet

No post hooks, no chunks! It is now easier than before to set up your form and get it running. There is no FormIt requirement at all any more, which makes JsonFormBuilder snippets simpler and faster to put together (especially with the new JSON methods).

Read the documentation

To use JsonFormBuilder, follow the documentation and check out the demo examples. Also explore the range of examples in the core/components/jsonformbuilder/docs/examples folder after install. There will be much more functionality updated in the codebase.

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